Native American Cherokee Made Sacred Beaded Prayer Feather – DL58B

Cherokee Made Sacred Beaded Prayer Feather

This Prayer Feather is handmade by Wet Foot, a Cherokee. The beading and fringed handle is unique to the artist and the sacred path he walks. Prayer Fans are commonly given as a gift to heal the heart. Just as ancient Americans used the feathers to send prayers to the heavens and draw healing power from the sky, so with all sincerity we hope such healing accompanies you with every footstep. Feathers, beads, leather and fur will vary. Certificate of Authenticity is included.

Dimensions: Approx. 12″ long.

Price: $19.95
Price includes shipping!


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Genuine feathers, furs, bones, leather, beads, stone, wood, etc. are used in the fabrication of each piece. Nothing artificial unless required by law. No animal parts (bones, feathers, etc. are from endangered species). Feathers are from Wild Turkeys.

The colors of leather, fur, feathers, beads and the patterns will vary. All of our items are individually handcrafted and what you see here is merely a representation of the product you will receive.

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