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Old West M1855 Revolving Percussion Rifle – Non-Firing Replica.

Replica Rifle

This rapid firing rifle was developed in 1855 and the originals are now very rare and expensive. This rifle was used throughout the Civil War. This replica gun measures 42″ overall and the cylinder revolves when the hammer is cocked. Its features include an antique gun metal finish. The fore-stock and shoulder stock are constructed of wood.

Length: 42″
Weight: 5.5 Lbs

Price: $207.95
Price includes shipping!


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Dummy Cartridges

Dummy Cartridges for 22 Western Series
These dummy shells do not fire, but are used to display with our (22-) series western revolvers and rifles. Sold 6 to a box.
Price: $9.95 set of 6 cartridges
Price includes shipping!

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